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Luxury mini bus Hires Terms & Conditions

Hire Provisions

Violation of the ‘Hire Provisions’ will be judged by Luxury mini bus Hires, which will determine whether such an infringement constitutes a contract breach.

  1. Contract Formation

These provisions are applicable for both oral and written agreements. The Client represents not only themselves but also all passengers on the vehicle. The Client asserts they possess the authority to finalize this agreement for all passengers and accepts these terms. If the Client lacks this authority, they shall cover any losses or claims against Luxury mini bus Hires that exceed the confines of these hire provisions.

  1. Pricing Estimates

A. Prices are based on the most straightforward route, relying on details provided by the Client. The chosen route will be at Luxury mini bus Hires’ discretion, unless a specific route is requested and noted in the confirmation document.

B. Any price estimate is contingent upon a suitable vehicle being available when the quote is accepted.

C. Estimates remain valid for 28 days unless otherwise specified.

D. Coach parking fees, unless explicitly included, will be an extra charge borne by the Client.

  1. Vehicle Usage

Unless explicitly agreed upon in writing, the vehicle cannot be presumed to stay at any location during the trip or to be at the Client’s disposal for unforeseen uses.

  1. Changes to Route and Timing

A. If the Client detains the vehicle or alters the journey, Luxury mini bus Hires might charge an extra fee.

B. Departures will adhere to the agreed schedule, and Luxury mini bus Hires is not liable for any loss or harm to passengers missing the departure.

  1. Compliance with Driver Regulations

The agreed timings must be strictly followed to respect regulations around driver work hours and rest. If these are not met, Luxury mini bus Hires can adjust or curtail the hire. The Client must ensure no actions risk violating these regulations, covering any resultant costs, including potential driver replacements.

  1. Passenger Limit

The Client must not exceed the legal seating capacity of the vehicle.

  1. Animal Transport

Only guide dogs, or animals informed about in advance, can be transported, pending written approval.

  1. Booking Confirmation

Only written acknowledgments from Luxury mini bus Hires validate a booking or any changes therein.

  1. Payment Obligations

Any deposit should be paid within the specified timeframe, and full payment is due before the service starts unless otherwise agreed in writing.

  1. Client Cancellation

For a booking to be deemed canceled, the Client must notify Luxury mini bus Hires via email during business hours and receive a confirmation in return. Cancellation fees, based on notice given, will be as follows:

  • 3-6 business days: 50% of total
  • 1-2 business days: 100% of total
  • On the service day: 100% of total
  1. Cancellation by Luxury mini bus Hires

In unforeseen events, like emergencies, natural calamities, strikes, or other external factors, Luxury mini bus Hires can cancel the contract, refunding all payments made.

  1. Provided Vehicles

A. Luxury mini bus Hires might offer a larger or additional vehicle at no extra cost.

B. Substitutions of vehicles or amenities, of equal or higher value, may be made.

C. Some extras, like coffee machines or Wi-Fi, are complimentary and their malfunction won’t affect the contract or pricing.

E. Wi-Fi is for browsing within the UK and not for streaming or downloads, with monthly caps in place. Guaranteed data availability is not ensured.

  1. Unforeseen Delays

Journey timings are suggested in good faith. Delays due to traffic or breakdowns are not Luxury mini bus Hires’ responsibility, nor any consequent inconvenience or losses.

  1. Passenger Belongings

A. There are statutory limits on luggage for safety. The driver determines permissible luggage, and the Client should notify Luxury mini bus Hires of any large items in advance.

B. Every effort is made to protect passenger belongings. Luxury mini bus Hires’ liability is capped at £500 per item and £1000 per passenger for total claims.

C. This does not apply to personal injury claims.

D. Lost property will be stored at Luxury mini bus Hires’ main location, as per current regulations.

  1. Passenger Behavior

A. For vehicle safety, the driver may refuse or remove any passenger violating regulations. The Client is responsible for passengers’ behavior and any damage they cause.

B. Clients should be aware of laws regarding alcohol consumption during sporting events.

  1. Grievances

For any service-related issues, Clients should first liaise with the driver or Luxury mini bus Hires. If unresolved, written complaints should be sent within 14 days of the service’s conclusion, to which Luxury mini bus Hires will respond within 28 days.

  1. Advertisements

No promotional materials can be displayed on the vehicle without Luxury mini bus Hires’ written consent.

  1. Onboard Consumption

Unless specified, food, drinks (including alcohol), and smoking are prohibited.

  1. Price Adjustments

Post booking confirmation, Luxury mini bus Hires can amend prices to accommodate fuel, tax, toll, or currency changes up to 30 days before the trip. Clients can cancel the booking based on the charges detailed in point 10.

Luxury mini bus Hires’ responsibility is capped at the hire cost and any supplementary services rendered. For any ambiguities in these terms, please reach out to us directly.

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